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We are starting our shared group reading levels. Part of this will go on your SS grade. They are deigned to fit your reading level. Gone with the Wind is advanced, Red Cap is medium, Civil Destruction is easy, and The World torn is for extra credit and must be read on own. All books are the same amount of chapters and we will read two chapters and discuss them and you also must read two chapters at home every night. There will be a test every day to make sure that you read your book. you will also get a grade on your pre-reading discussion of the book. I am reading gone with the wind in group A C and D while Ms. Burkey Is reading it in B. We have only groups of 10 and we commend those that are taking the challenge to do this. Mrs. Rerave is reading Red Cap in groupds A and B while Ms. Burkey is reading it in groups C and D. Mrs. Rerave is reading Civil Destruction in groups C and D while Ms Burkey is reading it in group A and B. We are going to have a challenge at the end of the unit where kids in different groups with different teachers will compare the different curriculums but the same book. Quiz format will be 3 major events not mentioned on the quiz then you will fill in short answers
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