FMS Language Arts
HELLO! Welcome to my page. Included here are descriptions of the tools you need to bring to class every day, as well as a way of reaching me through e-mail.

Your Language Arts 8 grade is based on two major components:

1. DAILY HOMEWORK.  This category includes overnight work that is due next class, Writer's Notebook entries, spelling and vocabulary quizzes, certain in-class assignments, and other short-term assignments. Understand that if you don’t do your homework, you will fail, as homework counts for approximately 2/3 of each quarter grade.

2. PROJECTS.  This category focuses on long-term work. Included are major writing pieces, research papers, semi-annual book talks, oral presentations, and other long-term assignments. When approaching the work required to complete a project, it is a good idea to use a calendar to budget your time and your goals. Generally, there are fewer projects per marking period, so they pull heavier weight during grade calculation. Projects count for approximately 1/3 of each quarter grade.


a. A pen. Blue or black ink, please.
b. A binder with looseleaf paper.
c. Your assignment notebook
d. A reading book.
e. Your Writer's Notebook.

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