mohr Ms. Mohr
St. Louisiana State Kindergarten
   Class Rules
1)Raise your hand before speaking
2)Listen when the teacher is speaking
3)Keep your hands and feet to yourself
4)Always be nice to others

Dear Parents,
  My name is Michele Mohr and I will be your child's Kindergarten teacher.  I have a lot of wonderful lessons planned this year and am very excited to be teaching them to your child.  This year I'm going to be communicating to you through our class's home page.  I will be posting notes and homework assingments if any on our new homepage.  So if possible can you please check it every night so you do not miss any important information you will need to know.
  I know this will be a wonderful year.
                             Ms. Mohr

Dear Parents,
 We will have an Easter Egg Hunt and party on April 27.  We are asking for your help to make the hunt fun for our children.  Please send a bag of wrapped candy or a small favor that can be used to fill plastic eggs.  Please try to have your donations to school by Tuesday, April 25.
                           Thank You,
                             Ms. Mohr
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