Science 8
Hello to all my students and other interested parties!

Below you will find links to many of the online Science activities we are working on in class.
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I have created a schedule for the Big 8 Science Review book.  To make the best use of this resource you should complete one review section each week, in 2 - 45 min sessions. 
Review session #1:
In the first work period you should review the headings and section titles to get a sense of the material covered.  Also review all boldfaced vocabulary terms, charts and diagrams.  If there are vocabulary terms you are no familiar with you can make flashcards or employ other strategies that have worked for you.
Review session #2:
The second time you work through each section you should complete the review exercises, using the material in the section to answer the questions.  The more thorough and complete your answers are the more valuable the review!
At the end of the week you should take the unit review test, without using the material in the section.  Take the test all at once.  The answers will be posted on this website for self-correction.
Week 1     Review pg. 91-96     Test  pg.  97-99
Week 2     Review pg. 70-77     Test  pg.  78-79
Week 3     Review pg. 80-86     Test  pg.  87-90
Week 4     Review pg. 108-115   Test  pg.  116-118
Week 5     Review pg. 119-125   Test  pg.  126-128
Week 6     Review pg. 100-105   Test  pg.  106-107
Week 7     Review pg. 49-66     Test  pg.  67-69
Week 8     Review pg. 175-186   Test  pg.  187-192
Week 9     Review pg. 193-205   Test  pg.  205-212
Week 10    Review pg. 145-169   Test  pg.  170-174
Week 11    Review pg. 129-138   Test  pg.  139-143
Week 12    Review pg. 213-221   Test  pg.  222-224

Self correction Week 3:
MC  p. 87  3, 3, 3, 2, 1, 4, 2, 4, 3
    p. 88  1, 4, 2, 1, 3, 4, 3, 4, 2
    p. 89  1, 3
1.  +2  Includes both:  As number of fores increases:
         -# of aspens decreased
         -# of pitch pines increase
    +1  one of the above
    +0  incorrect answer

2.  +2  Includes both:
         -select parents with preferred trait and mate them
         -continue mating and selecting until all offspring have the desired trait
    +1  One of the above
    +0  other/incorrect

   1.   + 1 for each correct premise (max 5):

       -there are variations to surviving UV in the human race
       -those that can survive UV will be likely to reproduce
       -those that canno survive UV will be less likely to reproduce
       -offspring born able to withstand UV will survive and thrive
       -over time people who can survive UV will outnumber those who cannot

  2.  +1 for each correct response (max 4):
      -species A became extinct
      -species C evolved into species D and E
      -species D became extinct
      -species E is the only species alive in the present

     +1 additional for any 1 or more of the following:
     -C and A became extinct at the end of a major environmental change  OR
     -C evolved into D and E due to environmental changes   OR
     -D was out competed by E
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