mollejo1 Paloma Mollejo
What are you doing here?

You are supposed to know enough Spanish to not need any translation for the instructions!

Ok, ok, I know.
Well, let's get to it.

The activity consists on seaching internet (only webpages in Spanish), and find a place to spend your holidays.
No, it is not just that.
You have to get information about the place, as well as the type of activities you can enjoy in there.
Then, you have to write a short report (composition) on the main attractions of the place, and what you are planning to do there.
And don't forget to sent it to me at, or
First draft is due on friday, november 3rd. It has to be about 50 words, just a short draft of what you are going to do.
You will be informed of when the next (and more complete) draft is due.

I'll need the webpage address of the page you used to get your information. Think of it as Bibliography.
Extra credit will be given for the correct use of the subjunctive (Check the grammatical review in the lesson).

Use the Web-pages addresses either at the bottom of the page, or the ones in the activity below.
My Quia activities and quizzes
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