Gillette Middle School Social Studies - Sixth Grade

    This Quia web site is designed to help students review concepts and study for tests.  We will be updating it throughout the school year to coincide with each social studies chapter.  Under "useful links", you will find links to other Internet sites that might be of interest.    

    Students can access this site from school during study periods, and from home if they are linked to the Internet.  These activities will make the Internet both fun and educational.

    Have Fun!!!

My Quia activities and quizzes
The World at War
Ancient Egypt Challenge
Age of Revolutions
Early Civilizations
Middle Ages Vocabulary
Ancient Egypt Vocabulary
Age of Exploration
Ancient Greece Vocabulary
Ancient India/Ancient China
Ancient Rome
Fertile Crescent
Middle Ages Vocab - Matching
The Arab World
Renaissance Vocabulary
Important Greeks
People of the Roman Empire
Personalities of the Renaissance
Ancient Rome Review
Final Exam Review
ELA Final Exam Review Quiz
Genre Jeopardy
Useful links
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