monica1 Monica
WUZ ^?
It's Monica!

Hey great news Ms.Gillens back and doing fine. She feels a whole lot better and is back to her normal self. She missed everyone a lot!(Just your luck Tony she didn't get a scooter to run over you.) Ha ha!!

Going Out:
Micheal and Christina
Kathy and Tony
Bobby and Christi c.
Nick and Jessica R.
Jordan and Lindsay
Jessica S. and Matt
Samantha and David L.

Nick and Brittany
Nick and Courtney
Bobby and Jessica r.
Nick and Jacqueline
Nick and Monica

Peace out everyone!!!!!!!!!!

  Check out the websites below they are really kool some of them are made from my freinds NICK and tony!!!!!!!!
Some are just really kool!!!!!!!!!!
Useful links
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