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Here are some activities to help you in your study of Spanish II!
My Quia activities and quizzes
El fútbol
A fun activity to practice this vocabulary
Un Viaje en Tren
Activites to practice the vocabulary of Lesson 13!
Un Viaje en Tren
See how well you know your "Train" vocab!
En el aeropuerto
An Activity to Help You Learn Air Travel Vocabulary!
En el aeropuerto
How well do you know your "airport" vocabulary?
En la playa
An Activity to Help you Learn the Vocabulary Needed En La Playa
Vamos a la playa
See if you could go to the "Playa"and survive!
¡En la playa!: session ¡en la playa!
A test of your Skills!
Verb Tenses
Test your present, past and future verb skills!
Object Pronouns
Refine your skills with Direct and Indirect Object pronouns!
More pronoun practice!
El Carro
Practice the vocabulary dealing with driving!
Spanish Vocabulary - El Carro
A Game to Test "El Carro" Vocab
El Carro
How well do you know your vocabulary!
Irregular Preterite Verbs
A Game to Practice the Irregular Preterite Verbs
Don Quijote: session don quijote
How well do you understand the Quijote Reading?
A Present and Preterite Tense Challenge
Preterite and Present Tense Practice!
Imperfect o Pretérito: session pretérito o imperfecto #1
How well do you understand the uses of the Preterite and Imperfect - RULE 1
El Cuerpo Humano
An Activity to Practice "El Cuerpo" Vocabulary
El Cuerpo Humano
Another activity to practice the body vocabulary!
Idiomatic Expressions A
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