Monson High School Spanish teacher
Here are some activities to help you in your study of Spanish III.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Los Edificios
Try this Activity to practice your Vocabulary/Buildings and Places
En la ciudad
Do you know your vocabulary for en la ciudad?
Los Verbos - 1 and 2
Practice the verbs you learned in Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 with this Quiz!
Los Verbos Regulares/Irregulares
Check your skills with the level 1 and level 2 Verbs
Los Verbos Irregulares
Try this Challenge Board to Practice your Irregular verbs - Work with a Partner or Alone!
Idiomatics Unidad 3-2
El Presente Progresivo
Try this basic quiz to see how well you know the present progressive tense
El Presente Progresivo - Más Práctica
Challenge yourself with this advanced quiz on the present progressive tense
Mandatos (Tú)
Use this activity to practice your familiar commands!
Mandatos (Tú) - Avanzado
Challenge yourself on the familiar commands with the activity!
Los Pronombres Directos/Indirectos
This will test you on your pronouns! It will be a challenge!
En un restaurante
Some Activities to Practice Restaurant Vocab!
En un restaurante
See how well you know your restaurante vocab!
El Chocolate
Test your knowledge of Chocolate with this quiz!
Los Utensilios y La Comida
Try this Game for Review!
El Pretérito de los Verbos Regulares
Check your skills with the preterite tense with this quiz!
El Pretérito de los Verbos Regulares
A fun game to practice the preterite of regular verbs!
Irregular Preterite Verbs
See if you know those Preterite Irregulars?
El Pretérito - Regulares/Irregulares
A Fun and Challenging Game to Practice the Past Tense!
El Pretérito - Verbos Regulares/Irregulares
Test yourself with this quiz!
El Presente, El Pretérito y El Futuro
Can you change the verbs from the Present to the Past to the Future? Try this!
Alimentos y Comidas
See how well you know the FOOD Vocab!
Alimentos y Comidas
Activities to Practice Food Vocab!
Más Alimentos y Comidas
More Food Vocab!
Demonstrative Adjectives
Quiz yourself on the demonstraive adjectives!
Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns: session demonstratives
An activity to prepare for a quiz on demonstratives!
Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns: session demonstratives 2
More practice on demonstratives
Los Pronombres: session examen/pronombres
Test your skills with pronouns! Don't get discouraged this is tough!
Los Negativos
Test your skills on the Negatives!
Los Héroes No Tienen Miedo.
How well do you know the story of Anita!
Los Pronombres Prueba 2
How about this quiz to test your pronoun skills?
Imperfect o Pretérito: session pretérito o imperfecto #1
Take this quiz to check your understanding of Rule 1 of the Preterite and Imperfect!
Imperfecto o Preterito Rule #2
See if you understand Rule 2 of the Preterite and Imperfect!
Imperfecto o Pretérito
Try this activity to test yourself with the Preterite and the Imperfect
El Cuerpo Humano
Activity to Practice Body Vocab
El Cuerpo Humano
Do you know your body vocab? Try this!
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