montereylatin1 Mrs. Blankenship
Monterey High School Latin instructor
Salve! Latin 1 Discipuli:      s.v.b.v.
On Friday, September 24, you will have a Unit I test to end the first six weeks.  I have created some activities and practice quizzes for you to play to help you get ready for this test.  Let me know if these help, or if you know of some other activities that could help you more.  
When you play the games, be sure to select the "New non-Java Version."

To practice for the UNIT 1 Test, go to:

See ya in class!  Vale!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Monterey H.S. - Latin 1 Vocabulary
Unit I Practice Quiz
Mottoes, Phrases, and Abbreviations
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