READ "EVEN OUR MOST LOVED MONUMENTS HAD A TRIAL BY FIRE", BY Andrea Gabor.  When reading, please realize that the third page of the packet should actually be page 2!!  There was a mistake in printing!

You need to see Mr. Rakoczy to get the above reading


1.  About what did Rep. John Boylan complain before Congress in 1937?  Give his quote.

2.  Explain 3 reasons new monuments have been controversial in the United States throughout history. (5th paragraph of reading)

3. What did Eleanor Roosevelt hope that " neither ax nor water would harm?"  What did people do to protest?  What eventually happened to them?

4.  How did the KNOW NOTHINGS hold up the construction of the Washington Monument?  Why did they do it?

5.  Explain in detail what Lieut. Col. Thomas Casey did to save the Washington Monument.

6.  Why did William Randolph Hurst and Joseph Pulitzer want to erect statues at 59th Street in New York City?

7.  What was derided by the press as " mealy-mouthed, complacent creatures."  What did Teddy Roosevelt want them to be?

8.  What monument was called a "black gash" and a "tribute to Jane Fonda"?  What did Frederick Hart add to this memorial?  What does it appear his additions are doing?

9.  List and explain 3 criticisms/complaints about the original design of the FDR memorial.  What was planned on being included that couldn't?  What wasn't included that many wanted to see?

10.  What does Curtis Roosevelt think about the idea of depicting his grandfather as disabled?

11.  What did FDR tell Felix Frankfurter he wanted just before his death?

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