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1. What was Luke’s callsign while on Hoth patrol?
2. Who was the last Rebel to board the Falcon during the evacuation of Hoth?
3. What planet’s moon did the Rebels evacuate before settling on Hoth?
4. What local Hoth creatures did the Rebels ride?
5. Why did Luke think caused his tauntaun’s  agitated behavior?
6. According to C-3PO, who “excels” at causing a lot of trouble?
7. Who operated the manual release for the Millennium Falcon’s landing claw?
8. According to the opening text, how close is the Star Wars galaxy to our own?
9. What character looks like it was created by cutting a Wookie in half?
10. What was Luke’s three-word response when Han asked how they were doing in Jabba’s Palace?
11. How many Gammorrean guards escorted Chewbacca to his cell in Jabba’s dungeon?
12. Who said, “When you came in here, didn’t you have a plan for getting out?”
13. Whose head gets tossed around in a game of keep-away in “The Empire Strikes Back”?
14. Who did Leia describe as a “natural leader”?
15. What kind of person did Luke tell Yoda he was looking for on Dagobah?
16. Who was capable of deflecting blaster bolts with his hands?
17. Who said, “I must obey my master”?
18. Where was Luke traveling to when he received his first lightsaber training?
19. What were C-3PO’s first words upon seeing the Ewoks?
20. What is the farthest planet from the bright center of the universe, according to Luke?
21. What were the first five words of Leia’s hologram message?
22. Who stuffed Luke in the smelly belly of a tauntaun?
23. Who watched over Luke’s campsite on Dagobah?
24. Who urged Luke, ”Don’t give in to hate – that leads to the dark side”?
25. According to Yoda, what two things does a Jedi use the Force for?
26. Who was the captain of Princess Leia’s consular ship?
27. To whom does Darth Vader say, “When I left you, I was but the learner.  Now I am the master”?
28. Who was the first character in the movie trilogy to say, “May the Force be with you”?
29. Who was first character to mention the name Anakin Skywalker?
30. Who sat directly behind Luke Skywalker in the stolen Imperial shuttle?
31. What huge, elephant like creatures of Tatooine peer through large red eyes?
32. Who was the first character to say he had a “very bad feeling about this”  in Star Wars?
33. Who did Princess Leia yell at when she said “Into the garbage chute, flyboy”?
34. Who first located Princess Leia’s detention block aboard the Death Star?
35. Who claimed he couldn’t see a thing out of a stormtrooper helmet?
36. What galactic government do stormtroopers serve?
37. What did the stormtrooper at the Mos Eisley checkpoint demand to see from Luke?
38. Where do most of the crack freighter pilots in Mos Eisley hang out?
39. What aliens did Han refer to when he said, “Short help’s better than no help at all”?
40. What does a Jedi never use the Force for, according to Yoda?
41. Who manned the upper gun turret on the Millennium Falcon?
42. Who manned the lower gun turret on the Millennium Falcon?
43. Who destroyed the second of the Death Star’s sentry ships?
44. What color does carbonite turn as it melts?
45. Who did Luke successfully contact using the force while hanging from a Cloud City weather vane?
46. What skill was Anakin Skywalker already proficient in, when Obi-Wan first met him?
47. What two people did Darth Vader take orders from?
48. Lando earned fame for his flying skills in a battle at what planet?
49. Who warned Tarkin, “The more you tighten your grip, the more star systems will slip through your fingers”?
50. Who was the only person Darth Vader called “Master”?
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