mpe3 Third Grade
Memorial Parkway Elementary
We were very pleased to have a smooth start to the
2000-2001 school year.  You may have noticed a few new faces on the third grade hall.  Debbie Fragosa and Ronnie Smith have joined our team, and we are very excited to have them.
In reading, we are having a great time exploring our new reading books.  The stories are great, and we look forward to reading more.  We will continue working on reading skills such as main idea, fact and opion, and summarization.
We are also excited about our new science books. There are so many exciting experiments and fun to have with them.
In math we will continue to work with our addition and subtraction facts.  We will also be learning rounding and place value this six weeks.  Please continue to work with your child at home to learn his or her addition and subtraction facts.
This has been a super year so far, and we look forward to the rest of another great year.

                        The Third Grade Team

Phyllis Barnett
Lori Taylor
Ronnie Smith
Suzie Penny
Sammye Farris
Sandra Fortune
Debbie Fragosa
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