mpjhchoir Mr. Leger and Mrs. Proodian
Memorial Parkway Jr. High Choral Directors
Here are you results of the All-Region Auditions: I am very proud of each of you.  I would say more but its 1:06 in the morning and I did not get home from Hamilton unitl  12:45, so you can just think how tired and happy I am. I am very pleased to announce that our school has placed 41 in the T.M.E.A.  All-Region Choir. This concert will be held on February 16 with the clinic and dance on February 15.

Congratulations to all!

Treble Choir

Danielle Aming
Amanda Cameron
Megan Coxe
Rachel Friedman
Freya Hopper
Saadia Hussain
Calli Jones
Sarah Kerr
Lauren King
Sarah Kirby
Maura Love
Allison O'Quinn
Liz Ollier
Kayla Perry
Jessie Rippey
Mary Sarver
Stephanie Schmitt
Roxanna Tehrani
Johnna Thibodeaux

Mixed Choir

Rachel Baker (2)
Chris Beaty
Ray Cruz
Rebecca El-Saleh (8)
Rene Fenner (2)
Jordan Gardner (7)
Becki Green (4)
Aislinn Herrera (4)
Evan Kornacki (7)
Chris LaHouse
Kaci Matthews (8)
Connor McMahan
Audrey Mills (7)
Erica Nielson (9)
Melissa Parker (1)  WOW!!
Emily Rice (9)
Jaime Rodriquez
Jessica Rojas (8)
Bethany Talley (6)
Vicotria Weatherly (7)
Chrissy Whitford (1)  Fantastic!!!
Katie Wiggins (3)
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