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Memorial Parkway Junior High
Seminar: Guiding Your Child Through the Teen Years
Presented by Leslie Najm, MSW

Tuesday, May 1; 7 to 8:45 PM
in the Memorial Parkway Junior High Library

Sponsored by MPJH PTA
Refreshments provided


PTA Dues Increase

Notice is hereby given that MPJH PTA dues will increase from $5.00 to $6.00 for the 2001-2002 school year.

Due to the increase in State and National PTA dues from $1.00 to $1.25 effective 4/01/01, the following amendment to the Memorial Parkway Junior High School PTA bylaws was approved by the Executive PTA Board at the April 10, 2001 meeting, subject to approval by a two-thirds vote of the membership at the May 10, 2001 General Board Meeting:

ARTICLE VI: Members and Dues

Section 5.  The amount of the state portion of each members dues shall be determined by the Texas PTA.  The national portion of each member’s dues shall be one (1) dollar and twenty-five (25) cents per annum.

Section 6.  The amount of such annual dues shall include the portion of one (1) dollar and twenty-five (25) cents per member payable to the Texas PTA (as determined in accordance with the bylaws of the Texas PTA) and the portion of (1) dollar and twenty-five (25) cents per member payable to the National PTA, and the local portion of three (3) dollars and fifty (50) cents per member.



The last Papa John's Pizza Nights will be on May 18.

Randalls Good Neighbor Program.  Remarkable cards can be coded with our account # 9110. 

Kroger Share cards for the PTA are located at the school's welcome desk.

General Mills Box Tops for Education.  The PTA earns 10 cents for each box top we collect. They can be placed in the blue box behind the welcome desk.

Shopping done at benefits the PTA through a rebate program.




President: Debra Kesseler H 281-578-2902 C 281-793-8845

1st Vice President (Membership): Irene Deck H 281-492-2782
2nd Vice President (Ways & Means): DeeDee Tognietti H 281-579-2967
Secretary: Charlotte Gallegos H 281-578-6721

Treasurer: Janna Davidson H 281-579-0508

Parliamentarian: Melody Matthews H 281-579-7578

Historian: Lisa Fairley H 281-579-6722

Committee Chairs

Arts in Education: Rita Curry H 281-579-6216

Classroom Enrichment: Nancy Hurst H 281-579-2928

Council Delegate: Terri Clevenger H 281-578-1780

Environmental: Liz Keene H 281-646-9151

Friday Concessions: Dana Housberg H 281-398-9571

Hospitality: Vanessa Nickolas H 281-578-6180 and Gretchen McCormack H 281-492-8689

Legislative: Scott Tritt H 281-578-1954

Newsletter: The Eagle: Donna Pate H 281-579-0130

The Eagle Express: Melissa Wise H 281-398-6191

Webmaster: Kathy Keeney H 281-579-1082

Programs: Libby Clark H 281-578-7537

Publicity: Deanna Krenek H 281-578-5647

Spirit Coordinator: Cathy Turnbull H 281-578-8538

Volunteer Coordinators: Brenda McGovern H 281-646-8474 and Judy Petri H 281-579-1723

Special Committees

Principal: Lonnie Roberts MPJH 281-647-5800

Teacher Liaisons: Janice Kee MPJH 281-647-5800 and Marie Kern MPJH 281-647-5800

Directory: Fran Neahusan H 281-492-0657

Fall Dance: Kim Braud H 281-579-3691

Spring Dance:

8th Grade Party: Vanessa Nickolas H 281-578-6180

School Supplies: Janice Lanier H 281-398-8222

PTA Fundraiser: Lisa Estill H 281-398-9854 and Janet Hopkins H 281-647-6143
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