mrbiology Mr. Ascenzia
New Haven Adult & Continuing Education HS credit/Science
Quizes were a concern. Please try harder. If there is something you need me to explain better please ask me.
the quizes were not only a reflection of you but me too.
This stuff is not that difficult if you take the time to study.

May 17th is the last day of formal classroom instruction.Finals will be the following week. Start your studying early so you dont have to cram.

As you know, Nick has his hands full with alot of administrative tasks. Although he is not in the classroom he speaks with me on a daily basis to see how things are going. If we need him for anything he is still at our disposal.

We will be working on Lesson 10 (Genes)
My Quia activities and quizzes
an array of games to familiarize you better with the terms we discussed in class
tests your understanding of mitosis
DNA and Cell Division
Don't Hang yourself!!
The Chemistry of Genes
Useful links
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