mrbolster Mr. Bolster
Elbridge Elementary Kindergarten Teacher
Kindergarten News
June 4-8, 2001

Special Sentence: This Friday we will have pizza from the P.T.A.

Target Skills:
· Identify and print all letters of alphabet
· Recognize sound at beginning, middle and end of words
· Use reading strategies to decode new words in a sentence
· To write two or more related sentences with initial uppercase letter, spaces between words and punctuation at the end of each sentence
· To recognize 39 Kdg. Sight words
· To tell how people are alike and different
· To recognize and write numbers to 31
· To create a variety of patterns
· To show simple subtraction with manipulative
· To count to 100 by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s
· Character education concept is Patience

Tues. June 5: Parent Information Night and registration for next year’s Kindergarten students
Fri. June 8: PTA Penny Drive Pizza parties
Mon. June 11: Kite Nite   The children have made their own kites. You will need to provide a spool of string. Your whole family is welcome! Refreshments will be served.

Other Dates to Remember:
· Thurs. June 14: Flag Day   Students will parade to the Elbridge Post Office to say the Pledge and Sing patriotic songs
· Mon. June 18:  K-2 Field days
· Tues. June 19: 2:00 dismissal
· Wed. June 20: Noon Dismissal
· Thurs. June 21: Kindergarten Certificates distributed at 11:00 AM, Noon dismissal, Last day of classes

Ways To Help at Home:
· Practice Kindergarten sight words daily
· Practice reciting complete address
· Practice counting to 100 by ones, tens and fives
· Practice recognizing umbers to 31 in random order and printing them
· Practice identifying pennies, nickels, and dimes and their values
· Have your child well rested and at school unless ill as testing is being done throughout the week
· Have your child wear sneakers everyday as recess will be on the playground unless it rains and sandals are a safety risk on play equipment
· Apply sunscreen before your child comes to school each day
My Quia activities and quizzes
Upper and Lowercase Letter Matching
These games are designed for students who are entering or are in the first couple months of kindergarten.
Addition and Subtraction
This game is available as a demo for what is to come.
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