mrbowers Mr. Bowers
Smoketown Elementary School Third Grade / Room 102
Hello Students and Families!

    Hope that your summer has gone well and you are looking forward to the 2000-2001 school year.  Our first day back to school will be Tuesday, August 29, 2000.  
   We are going to be very busy this school year and there are some very big changes to look forward to.  This year we will be learning a lot of new things.  Multiplication is always one thing third graders look forward to.  We will start that about halfway through the year.  
   Cursive handwriting is also something third graders look forward too.  We will begin cursive handwriting almost right away.
   This web site is a new thing for me this year.  I am excited about using it, and I hope it will be a good resource.
    Some kids like to know what to bring to school.  Well, there isn't too much that you will need to bring the first day.  I will provide a pencil and folders that you will need for third grade.  Please don't worry about bringing extra folders or notebooks.  I will require that students use the materials that I provide, but feel free to bring extra pencils, erasers, etc.
   I would also like to encourage you to develop some good habits as we progress throughout the year.  Students will be responsible for a homework chart (which I will provide) to keep track of every week.  They will need to take it home and have parents sign it daily.
    More information to follow as the year progresses.  

                                  -Mr. Bowers
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