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A note to parents and students...

Well, now that Halloween is over, and as we gear up for report cards and parent interviews, I thought I would take a few minutes to inform students and parents of past and future events, and assignments.

Well, here it is the beginning of November.  During the following few weeks, please look forward to the following program highlight items:

RELIGION:  Jesus as light
MATH:  completed "measurement" unit as well as
      data management.  Working on patterning and algebra.
      (In assisting your child with P/A homework, focus
      on accuracy in answers, but especially in explanation
      of answers and justification of strategies...using
      mathematical terminology)
LANGUAGE:  Spelling - Units 6-8
          Grammar - Interrogative, declarative, imperative
                    exclamatory sentences (identification)
                    Direct Objects
          Reading Comprehension - Story #7
          Book Report - Due Nov. 17/99
          Theme - Vocab. building and paragraph stucture
                  with supporting evidence

HEALTH:  Our Body is Changing - Life skills (sewing, doing
        laundry, ironing)
GEOGRAPHY:  Completed Canada and its Trading Partners unit.

SCIENCE:  Earth and Space Systems.
PHYS. ED:  completing Volleyball

This page contains valuable information regarding a wide variety of assignments, events, and student works of art.  It will compliment our monthly newsletters.  Further, please use the links on the Board page to help you in most subject areas.  The internet address is:
Please use these as organizational tools to "keep you on track."

* I have added four new websites ( which you may link to below...Although the site doesn't allow you to work online, the worksheets can be printed and worked on.  Many have answers keys for self-evaluation.  Gook Luck.

Please enjoy this page.  


Internet online tests

The following is a listing of online tests completed.  Please ask ur child for results or feel free to contact me for result printouts:

-Geography Quiz 1
-Grammar Quiz 1
-Health Quiz 1

Tests to have signed

Math (Measurement)
Spelling (unit 5&6)
Reading Comprehension Story number 7 (dated Nov 4/99)
Poetry collection assessment sheet
Art assessment sheets (line art/historic art)
Religion/Lang. Art paragraph assessment sheet

Things to bring in

-info. to follow

Upcoming tests/assignments due

-Spelling tests every Friday (with few exceptions)
-Book Report due Nov. 17/99
-Parent Interview forms:  due Nov. 3/99
-Picture money:  due Nov. 10/99

                           CLASS SCHEDULE

MONDAY:  Religion, Math, French, Spelling, Computers,    
        Phys. Ed., Art

TUESDAY: Religion, Math, French, Health, Language
        (Individual Reading), Science/Social Studies,
        Language (Grammar)

WED:     Phys. Ed., Math, French, Language (Theme), Computer
        Science/Social Studies, Art

THURS:   Religion, Math, French, Math, Language (Theme),
        Science/Social Studies, Language (Grammar)

FRIDAY:  Music/Drama, Math, French, Language (Reading Comp.)
        Language (Spelling), Science/Social Studies,
My Quia activities and quizzes
SCIENCE: Parts of microscope (Life Systems Unit)
GRAMMAR: Subordinate clauses
Phonics: Letter Combinations (ci, si, ti)
Phonics: vowel sounds
Place Value
Useful links
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