mrcatherman Mr. Catherman
Friendship Elementary School 5th Grade Teacher

My name is Mr. Catherman and this is my 5th Grade class page.  The page is designed for students and parents to be updated on dates, times, and assignments.
                                                                                                 HOMEWORK 2/11/02

Reading: none

Science:pg 135 (1-4)

Social Studies:DG due Fri.
  (Catherman):197 (6-20)
  (Baughman):187 (34-35)

     (Smith):199 (1-7)                                      Health:none

Spelling:3x each and paragraph/Test tomorrow
  (Core)dangerous, government, courageous, continuous, marvelous, appointment, excitement, shipment, amusement, treatment,equipment,entertainment,ridiculous,nervous(Sitton)alone, check, fall, bottom, reading (Ultra Speller):abolitionist, rebellion, compromise, secession, Underground Railroad,

                        IMPORTANT DATES

Feb.13: Human Growth and Development slips due

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Whipping Boy Vocabulary 10-20
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