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Well students,  enjoyed being part of your life.  I do hope that you are a better student and that one day I will say that he or she was one of my students...just like Albert,
Thomas Alva, Archimedes and all those guys that really made me suffer in class because they were always thinking differently.   which I hope that you will also do.

A little message in italian.  100 extra credit to whomever gives me the full translation.  Here it it.  If you try to use your computer to figure it out, it will not work.  Lots of the words have two or three meanings. 

Bambini, cercate di fare i buoni.  Altrimenti vi beccherete una dozzina di rapportini.  Viva l'Italia. 

Ciao a tutti...e in bocca al lupo.
Rispettosamente dal vostro piromane professor Chisholm.

7th graders I will try to get your test on the net by Tuesday.  It's on now.  For the test make sure you know the phases of mitosis and what happens in each phase.

Bring rubber gloves for the dissection of the frog.  Your final test will be on the frog.

Navy class will have the test on ch. 9 on Thursday.  open note.  We will review before the test.

Red class will have the test on ch. on ch. 9 on Friday.  We will review before the test.

There are three different games for you to try.
Remember the test is open book and notes.
But if you do not use your book or notes then you get an extra 8 points.  Study and then decide.
My Quia activities and quizzes
7th grade ch. 9 matching
7th grade ch. 9 hangman
7th grade ch. 9 multiple choice
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