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Mr. Film's School o' Film I am merely one man trying to deal with an entire civilation's problems. . . or something. (or something like that)
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Mr. Film's House o' Fun.  Here you can refrain from that tedious education crap that you were supposed to come to this site for and instead take a load off.  So relax, do some clicking and e-mail me.  Please, it gets really boring around here (c'mon, i'm making a corny web site on a teacher's network) and I need some e-mail to read.  Here's some inspirational topics that might interest me: MP3s, wavs, movies, random crap, jokes, comics, ideas, horse shit, free stuff, URLs to cool sites and porn (I hope i didn't say that out loud).  Have fun, folks.  And please, for the love of God, e-mail me.
My Quia activities and quizzes
All the Way to the Gallows!
It's a bunch of random words and you get to guess what they are. . .yeah.
Who Said That?!
Guess that quote, get a prize (not really).
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