mrggradefive Mr. Martin Grassie
Hahterly School  
Grade Five Math

The real objective of the grade five-math program is to get the students ready for the rigors of the Gates Sixth grade program. The topics covered include: congruence, symmetry, step problems, least common multiple,  factors, prime numbers, standard form, place value, rounding, estimation, perimeter, area, estimating quotientents, mean, $ change, converting ft. to in., 2 digit long division, solving for n, interpreting graphs, fractions, equivalent fractions, multiplication of fractions, simplest terms fractions, fractions addition diff. Denominators, fraction to percent, decimal place value, decimal division, decimal subtraction, decimals in order, rounding decimals, metric units, decimal division, fractions to decimals, decimal multiplication, angles degrees, ordered pairs graphed,, triangle side proportions (3,4,5,), probability, and, open ended questions. As you can see we have a full plate. We also are trying to teach the utilization of Problem solving techniques such as: making  a table, acting it out, guess and check, looking for a pattern, working backwards, making a list, working on a simpler problem, drawing a picture, writing an equation, making a model.

Nobody Fails a Math Test in Fifth Grade

Grade five students have several opportunities to get extra help in math. Two days a week, Tuesday and Wednesday at lunch and recess time parents Mary Beth Anderson, Theresa Lunny, and Victoria Blaudshun assist children in need of basic skill help (for example multiplication or division facts), give them assistance on a specific skill in preparation for a test or quiz retake, or assist in preparation for a test. Students that don't participate in chorus and or band may come for assistance during the chorus or band practice times. They may attend a math tutorial seminar with Mrs. Weaver about the topics we are currently studying or see me for individual help.
We try to make sure that the students have mastered the concepts that we are teaching. We don’t want a student to fail a test and then just move on to the next skill. That is why we give them a chance to retake test if they have score 70 or below or to get assistance rewriting open-ended questions if they have a score of 3- or below.

Advanced Math Seminar

Two days a week parent volunteers Laurie Hall and Wendy Grace are working with small groups of students at lunch and recess time on some advanced math topics.  The New England Math League materials are used as a basis for this program, but they also branch out into other topics of interest. The students sign up and commit for a five or six week period.
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