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Templeton Middle School 8th Grade Physical Science
  We only have two weeks left before the end of the first semester.  We will be finishing up this semester by completing a short unit on acids and bases.  We'll look into what makes an acid an acid, and a base a base.  As well, we will learn how to use different indicator solutions or dip sticks to get an actual reading of the pH level.  also during this unit we'll learn about the pH scale which illustrates the entire pH range from the most acidic chemicals to neutral, than all the way to the most basic. 
It should be a short but exciting unit filled with lots of activities and labs.  So make sure not to miss out.  Get to class so you can get in on the fun.

Look on you homework calendar.
If you lost it, look in the "Yahoo Briefcase" or call a friend. If you don't have a friend, see me tomorrow.

I still need web page editors.  If you can find a spelling error on my web page, e-mail me the problem and I will give you one extra credit point. 
Remember spelling counts, even for us teachers.  Thanks for the help.
Mr. Gray

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