mrh3c Mr. Heuer
Crete Elementary Third Grade Teacher
Welcome to the first week of being able to access classroom activities and information online.  Please be patient with me if there are some mistakes in this process, since I am learning how to use this for the first time.

This week in 3C  we are anxiously looking forward to Thanksgiving Break.  We are also hoping that this cold weather does not last too long and that we will have a break with some warm days sometime soon.

In reading we re reading "Nights of the Pufflings".  We are focusing on Main Idea and Supporting Details.  We have also been spending quite a bit of time working on nouns.  we are currently learning how to change singular nouns into plural nouns and how to tell the difference between common and proper nouns.  Next week we will be having a unit test over unit 2.  It would be a good idea if you would help discuss these things with your student.

In math we are learning how to tell time and learning how to tell how much time has passed.  Most of the students are picking up on these things very quickly, so I have been impressed.  Tis is another thing that can be easily practiced at home.

We are learning about the human body in science.  We are almost done learning about the bones and skeleton and are now learning about our muscles and how they work.  We will also work on learning about our joints before we complete the unit.
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