Eden Elementary Math Resources for the 2005-2006 Year

Games and Tests on Math
Download Math PowerPoints
Excellent Interactive Math Manipulatives Online
Download Grade 4 Study Guide!
Download Grade 5 SOL Study Guide!
The Best Math website with Lessons, activities, and Tests!

Math Activities & Links

Print Math Activities/Worksheets!
Online Math Hunt Related to Science & History!
Excellent list of Math Websites!
Math Online Mysteries!
Excellent Hands-On Math Workshops & Hands-On Math Activity Books!

Excellent Hands-On Activities for Math Concepts!
Download Prime Number PowerPoint!
Venn Diagrams 1 PowerPoint!
Venn Diagrams 2 PowerPoint!
Download Math Vocabulary Review PowerPoint

Place Value

Print Place Value Chart!
Download Place Value PowerPoint!
Download Place Value PowerPoint 2
Place Value Bulletin Board Idea
Introducing Place Value Lesson
Dice Game for Place Value
How much is a Million Lesson Plan
Math Game for Place Value
Place Value Bingo Game
Interactive Place Value Game
Place Value Lesson Plan using bricks

Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers (Estimation)

Estimation PowerPoint!
Excellent Rounding PowerPoint!
Download Subtracting Shortcuts PowerPoint
50 Lesson Plan Ideas!
Print Worksheets & Math Word Finds!

Data, Statistics, & Graphs

Download a Jeopardy Mean/Mode/Median PowerPoint!
Download Excellent Lesson on Mean, Mode, Median PowerPoint!
Download Graphing PowerPoint!
Download Excellent Graph PowerPoint!
Interpreting Graphs
Interpreting Data from Census!
Explanation of Data (Mean, Mode, Median & Graphs!
Several ideas for Data & Statistics!
Sport Statistics Lesson Plan


Download Multiplication Tables PowerPoint 1
Download Multiplication Tables PowerPoint 2


Download Excellent Long Division PowerPoint
Download Long Division Trouble Help PowerPoint
Download Long Division with zero PowerPoint


Excellent Geometry Interactive Website for Grade 5
Download Coordinate Geometry PowerPoint!
Download Geometric Patterns!
Download Quadrilateral 1 PowerPoint
Download Quadrilateral 2 PowerPoint
Download Triangle PowerPoint!
Download Symmetry PowerPoint!
Learn about Angles!
Good Geometry Lesson Plans
Excellent Geometry Activities
Print these Geometry Exercises!


Excellent Interactive website on Decimals


Learn About Fractions & Take Test!
Download Excellent Equivalent Fractions PowerPoint!
Download Fraction PowerPoint!
Download GCF PowerPoint!
Download LCF PowerPoint!


Download capacity (ml, L) PowerPoint
Length (cm, m) PowerPoint!
Download Mass (grams) PowerPoint!
Download Thermometer PowerPoint

Ratios, Percents, & Probability

Download Excellent Percent 1 PowerPoint!
Download Excellent Percent 2 PowerPoint
Download Percent 3 PowerPoint!
Download Probability PowerPoint 1
Download Probability PowerPoint 2
Download Probability PowerPoint 3
Download Probability PowerPoint 4
MM Probability


Download Pattern 1 PowerPoint!
Download Pattern 2 PowerPoint
Sets and Patterns PowerPoint!

Word Problems (Problem Solving)

Download Problem Solving 1PowerPoint
Download Problem Solving 2 PowerPoint
Download Problem Solving 3 PowerPoint
Download Problem Solving 4 PowerPoint
Download Problem Solving 5 PowerPoint
Download Problem Solving 6 PowerPoint
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