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Greetings, ! This week we are in the countdown into the last week of the school year. We have about 4 more school days! This week we have our final exam on Tuesday the 28th of May. . Your student received a study guide last week. All fcat quizzes and prefix quizzes are available to study as well. Please have your student bring their textbook that I gave them back to be to check in on Tuesday, the day of the exam. They need to be electronically checked in. Sadly, I have to announce this is my last week teaching as I have to retire from the Martin County School system. I wanted to keep teaching but the drop system requires me to. it has been my honor and pleasure to teach your child all year and I wish you all the very best in all your future endevours. well here is next weeks schedule:

!! , , Memorial Holiday.


.Final exam for six grade. It includes information on weather, weathering, cells, bacteria and viruses and Prefixes and suffixes.

Wednesday: . Science post test


Movie in morning beach bash in the afternoon

Wrap up day .
,This weeks most important grades will be the Final exam, The x-word puzzle on prefixes and suffixes. I will collect all the bellringers Friday and Tuesday for a test grade. !!!

Please encourage your student to play the games on a consistant basis as this will lead to long term memory of the many science vocabulary and concepts your child will be introduced to this year!! !! I suggest playing the games on all of quias quizzes and unit tests that they have taken this year and all previous quizzes and tests to insure long term memory!!!!

Parents: ( Materials that I could still use to help teach science this year: Any donations will be thankfully welcomed!: Print cartridges: HP c1823G, Hp 57,58, dollar store items that I use for fun friday giveaways for good behavior and grades, they are really winning prizes left and right Again, thanks to all parents who contributed this year, I really appreciated your help! ! Mr Hopper jepordy.wavThis is JepordyJeopardy this_is_jeopardy.wavok
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Sixth Grade Final Exam Spring 2013 ( 1 of 3)
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