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Grace Norton Rogers Elementary 4th grade teacher
Mr. Kesting
Grace Norton Rogers Elementary
Grade 4
Room #27

Dear Parents,

   In an effort to maximize each child's progress in Math, I have listed the upcoming units and skills that we will be working on in Math. I ask that whenever you possible you work with your child on strengthening their math skills, especially their basic facts in multiplication and division.
   The web site has several games for students to practice their Math facts and skills, (look under mathematics on the home page). Try Multiplication Madness, a flash card game created by Mr. Kesting. Also try, which is linked to our site for some additional facts practice.
   It is essential that students master the basic facts in multiplication and division. These are building blocks for more complex problems.
     Thank you for your support!


                       Mr. Roberto Kesting

Mr. Kesting's Math Class
List of Units and Skills
(Math Advantage Text)

Units: (This is my goal before the ESPA test).

Chapter 16 Multiplying by one-digit numbers
Chapter 4  Division Facts
Chapter 18 Dividing by one-digit numbers
Chapter 20 Understanding Fractions
Chapter 22 Understanding Decimals
Chapter 24 Measurement: Customary Units
Chapter 25 Measurement: Metric Units
Chapter(s)12-15 Geometry (Selected Skills)
        1. area
        2. perimeter
        3. volume
        4. identifying figures
        5. motion (flips, turns, rotation)
        6. plotting geometric figures on a grid.

Other Supplemental Skills:

Problem Solving
Finding Information in Graphs,Tables and Charts
Patterns in Algebra

Other Supplemental Resources:

1. Measuring Up (ESPA Booklets)- used once a week, (Friday).

2. Computer Lab (Number Munchers) 1-2x per week for basic fact practice in multiplication and division.

Other Activities:

1. Mr. Kesting's Investment Club

   Students have explored the stock market, banking and money through a field trip to First Union Bank, writing of basic stock reports through and filling out checks, as well as savings and withdrawal slips. This club will be used again during one-digit multiplication and division. Students will calculate P/E ratios of a stock and calculate the cost of a given number of shares of stock. After the ESPA test students will write a final stock report using all the mathematical skills they have learned.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Multiplication Madness
Multiplication Facts Game
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