Mogadore High School Science Department Head
.....A MESSAGE FROM MR. K.....

As we start the last grading period it is even more important to study hard !

Start using the games at the bottom of your class page to practice for your chapter tests and semester exams.

Your grades are available on the internet at our school's website at
Just go there and click on:
"Parent Access to Student Progress Book".

I cannot stress enough the need to read, study, and do the Quia Activities.  If you do not read the book, study and memorize the terms, yes, memorize them, you will probably not be able to understand nor answer test questions properly.  That's the way it is, and there is no other easy way to learn half the stuff you need to learn.  We all need some basis for communication!  If you DO NOT do this, you will be lost, and will need to look into a mirror to see who is responsible.
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