mrortega Mr. Ortega
Edwin Markham Middle School Math/Science/Leadership
Welcome!!!! to my Web Site!

                Hi!  My name is Mr. Ortega...

      On this web page you will find info about my class goals and objectives.                                                          My classes are assigned homework monday thru thursday with an occasional assignment given on Friday. There are weekly "Pop Quizes" and bi-weekly tests, there is a strong emphasis on  the manipulation of fractions, including applications and Pre-Algebra.

       I strongly reccomend that the student, before entering my sixth grade classes have a excellent knowledge and command of their multipliation tables or facts and are thoroughly able to apply their knowledge in real world situations.                                                        My classes also encourage and include many verbal and written demonstrations of proficiency which are emphasised in standardised testing and is in keeping with California  State Standards.
      To end the week, on fridays we review the last nights homework and the classmates who finish their homework, consistantly earn the "reward" to play mentaly stimulating and of course edcational games or activities to re-introduce 'fun' into their classroom and learn self-discipline , learn to compete with their classmates and develope "quick thinking" skills.
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