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Lockport High School Earth Science Teacher - LHS
I am setting up this site in order to increase communication between myself, students, and parents.  Access to this site is available at school and everywhere through use of the World Wide Web.  Initially only basic course information will be provided here, with a few links to Internet sites the students will find useful for meeting the requirments of the class.  As time goes on I plan to expand the site and add information about assignments, deadlines, and probably some things I haven't thought of yet.  Parents and students should check back regularly to keep as up to date as possible.  All information provided here regarding assignments also be given in class - no student has to have access to this page, but I believe it will help.

Earth Science is the study of some of the most beautiful and awesome things in our world, and beyond.  I truely hope students will come away with an appreciation for the incredible planet we live on, and the magnificent universe of which we are a part.

While there is quite a bit of new vocabulary to be learned (so we can all speak the same language), even more important for students will be to develop an understanding of the concepts (i.e. weather, how rocks form and change with time, how bodies in space move and interact, etc.), an ability to apply that understanding to new situations, and the skills to read and interpret graphs, charts, tables, and diagrams.

Whew - sounds like a lot of work ahead for us.  Well, it is, but if we (myself, the students, and parents) work together, success will be the result.
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