mrsb223 Mrs. Melberg
Glenbrook School 5th grade teacher
Hello boys and girls!  
We are well into January, and its a long way till spring break!  Time to buckle down and put our noses to the grinding stone. In other words, it's time for some hard work and effort!

We are discussing the 13 colonies in social studies now. I will be adding some links to help you study and learn more about that interesting period of history.  Also,there are tons of great novels to read about Colonial America.  If it's a topic you really like, talk to me and I'll get you hooked up with some great books!

Poetry is our focus for writing for the next couple weeks.  Watch for a poetry link below!

For those of you needing practice with division, look for a practice site below in links!

Have Fun!
Mrs. Melberg
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