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Shaker Road Elementary School Fourth Graders are the Best!
Welcome to Our Fourth Grade Web Page!
I hope you all are having a very nice day!

You must be a computer pro if you were able to find our page!  Congratulations!  

    We have been learning many great things in class lately!  Here's a little recap:

Science: we are just finishing a chapter on animals.  The test will be Thursday!  Be sure to study everyone!

Math:  our study of long division is coming to an end for now (you can breathe a sigh of relief!).  Next up is a chapter on geometry.

Social Studies: I hope the kids have all shared a little about our study of the Dutch!

Language Arts:  We are currently reading animal books.  Some of the kids are reading owl stories and some are reading a book about a poor, sick cat.  They'll tell the rest!

Our neverending homework assignment:  READ, READ, READ!!
We have so many kids that have earned all of their multiplication ice cream scoops - all the way up to their twelves.  The rest of us will keep studying!

Bye for now!!  I'll try to add more web links and games soon!
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