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Gates Chili Middle School 6th grade teacher - GCMS
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    The school year is moving quickly and our classroom is very busy with projects, assignments, and even tests and quizzes. I have enjoyed the wonderful opportunity to meet with so many parents during the first week of December.  I wish you and your family a happy and safe holiday season!
                                     Mrs. Beh

    Written by:  Josh, Darius, Shawna, Andrea, and Cassie
    This month in math we learned Division of Whole Numbers and Decimals.  That concept included mental math, special quotients, compatible numbers, and learning how to estimate many things.   We did do much more that this, though!  One example is finding averages.  To find the average of something you have to add up all the numbers you have and then divide it by the amount of numbers there were.  If somebody had the grades 97,82,94,76, and 79 you would add of the grades and then divide by 5.   This persons average would be an 85%.  When we added decimals, our whole class thought that it was EASY!   The reason why we thought it was easy was because it is bascially the same as adding whole numbers.
    During Math, our class changes a little bit.  Some students come into our classroom to join us and some other students from our homeroom leave.  Cassie writes to us about the math test from another classroom.  
    Mrs. Fenton's class recently took the chapter 4 test.  It consisted of everything we learned in chapter 4.  We had to divide several different ways.  We also had to make tables and find averages.  The test wasn't easy, but it wasn't too hard either.  We all learned A LOT about division!

    Written by: Chris, Lisa, Katie, and AJ

    This month is Social Studies we learned about the civilization of Mesopotamia.  We learned about the area between the Tigris and Euphrates River called the Fertile Crescent.  ALso, we learned about the Ten Commandments.  We learned that the Lydians invented the first coined money.  When we finished with our work,  we played a review game.  The game is like Jeopardy, except it has one round instead of two.  To score points each player has to answer the questions correctly.  The class is divided into three teams and they each try to get the most points.  The questions were about Mesopotamia, King Soloman and King David.  THe team with the most points won!  This game helped us to prepare for the test.  We thought that the test was easy!  A lot of people received 100%!
    Sometimes in Social Studies we play an alphabet game.  Mr. Molinaro calls out a topic and then a letter.  Our job is to come up with an object that begins with that letter and has to do with the concept Mr. Molinaro requested. We think that the game is fun!

    Written by:  Matt, Donny, Melanie, Meg, and Ryan

    In Reading and Language Arts, we are learning how to write many different types of paragraphs.  We also learn about punctuation and indenting for each.  We will use this to help us to become better writers and especially help us with our Exit Standard Research Project.  For this research project we have to do research on the computers and in many different books and encyclopedias.  We are looking to compare the United States with another country,  We all have different countries to research.   We have learned to write source cards and note cards to record our findings.  
    Nrs, Beh's class received their pen pal letters back for the first time on Nov.20.2000.  These second graders are very talented artists and they sent their pictures with their letters to prove it.  Starting on the 21st we started writing our return letters.  These pals are from Virginia and are very fun to write to.  They share their experiences in Washington, D.C. with us, who have never been there.  The letters were sent back out on the 28th and most do not expect then back until Wednesday, December 20, 2000.

    Written by:  Steven, Michelle, Elaine, Jason, and Bryan

    Our first big (and sad) news is that Kermit Little, our class aquatic frog, has died.  He died due to the temperature in the classroom and in his tank.  We have received another frog in his place named Gilly.   We were able to watch him grow (and live!) and now he is in his new tank and is a full grown frog.  We think that he is a boy.  We will be able to tell if he gets dark streaks down his legs.  
    We have been studying Biomes and Ecosystems during the past weeks in Science.  We had a lot of work to complete during this unit.  We had to keep track of a lot of information in our outlines, define words, and more!  We also did a lot of projects in this unit.  One of our projects was a Biome chart.  We divided our paper into 6 sections.  On each section was the name of a Biome and a picture of what it would look like.  The six biomes are the Tundra, Taiga, Temperate Deciduous Forest, Tropical Rainforest, Grasslands, and a Desert. At the bottom, we created an appropriate food chain for each biome.  For example, in a Tropical Rainforest the food chain could be...
Bannana > Monkey > Cheetah.  We thought that it was a neat project.
    Right now, we are doing a new science unit.  We are learning about atoms and matter.  Matter is the substance of the universe.  It is defined as something that takes up space and has mass.  Some of us think that this is the most interesting unit so far.  We have watched "Bill Nye the Science Guy: Phases of Matter" and even took a little quiz.  I wonder what else we will be doing, don't you??

    Written by:  Melissa, Bobby, Lindsay, Brian, and Alyssa.
    Looking around our classroom you can find a math center, a grade corner, and a science center.  In the math center there are games and questions.  Every couple of weeks there is a new question that we can all try to answer.  The questions were made up earlier by Mrs. Beh's math class.  One example of the games we can play is the multiplication/division bingo.  In the grade corner, we look to find out what our grade is at that point.  It gets updated once a week.  
    Also this month we tried to make corn muffins for Thanksgiving and a story that we read called The Van Gogh Cafe.  There were magic muffins in that story, but ours did not turn out to be magic.  Actually, ours never cooked right and it was kind of a mess! We threw them out...yuck!  Some of us thought that it was a waste of good tasting batter...oh well!!
   Another project that took a lot of time was the Town Council.  This project was about a man Mr. Smith, who died and left 50 acres of land to the town.  Well, many different groups wanted the land.  So, we divided up into 5 groups to settle it.  One group was the town council, they were to decide the fate of the land.  The other groups were Animal lovers, homeowners, Industry, and the Recreation group.  Our job was to make a presentation to persuade the town council, through a presentation to award this land to them.  During our presentation, we created posters, petitions, and even songs.  When it was all over, the Recreation group won.  In our homeroom, the Animal Lovers group won but it wasn't enough to win the whole team.  It was very interesting and we all worked hard.



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