mrsblume Mrs. Blume
Joseph Osgood School First Grade Teacher
August/September, 2000

Dear First Graders and Families,

Welcome to First Grade!

I have created this website that I will update on a monthly basis to assist in communication, provide curriculum related resources for parents and students, and so that you have the opportunity to get to know me.

One of the first books we will make in first grade will be called 5 Facts About Me.  I would like to share a few facts about myself and hope that you will think about some that you can share during the first week of school so that you may become an author.

5 Facts About Mrs. Blume
1.  Mr. Blume and I live in Marshfield.
2.  I have a one year old black lab.  Her name is Hunter.
3.  I love to go fishing in our boat.
4.  I enjoy quilting.
5.  I love teaching first grade.

This website has a few links to websites that are interesting and share some ideas about what we will begin learning about in the fall.  Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.

See you in September!
Mrs. Blume
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