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The Week of October 23

We survived the first 6 weeks okay and now on to the next 6 week period.  Progress reports should be coming home this Friday so please be on the look out for them. 

Students were asked to make up a set of classroom rules that they think would be useful.  Some of the rules I got were very funny but others reflected a true intrest in learning.  On Monday, the first day of the next 6 week period, students will be introduced to their own set of rules.  I did this activity so the students have some influence on the rules, as well as the consequences involved in their own classroom.
There will also be a new seating chart introduced on Monday.

There is a test coming up on Chapter 19 and 20 this Wednesday.  Students should study their notes and homework to prepare for the test.  There will be a review in the computer lab on Tuesday and an in class review Wednesday before the test.  Wednesday is also the day in which all student's homework and classwork is due for the last week and a half. 

Long term assignments:  each student has a presentation to make on one historical person.  They have their assigned person and the dates listed below are tenative.  So far, most of the students have done well on this activity.

Kyle-Marie Antoinette-October 23-chapter 21 section 1
Rex-Napoleon Bonapart-October 25-chapter 21 section 3
Jonna-Prince Klemons Von Metternich-October 30-chap 21 sec 5
David K.-Victor Hugo-November 1-chapter 21 section 5

Josh-Eli Whitney-November 7-chapter 22 section 2
Lexi-Henry Ford-November 9-chapter 22 section 3
Carlos-Wright Bros.-November 13-chapter 22 section 3
Danita-Alexander Graham Bell-November 15-chapter 22 sec 3

Ashley-Karl Marx-November 27-chapter 23 section 1
Sarah-Charles Darwin-November 28-chapter 23 section 2
Meagan-Louis Pasteur-November 28-chapter 23 section 2
Deana-Henri Matisse-November 29-chapter 23 section 4
Brad-Claude Monet-November 30-chapter 23 section 4

Rodney-George Eastman-December 4-chapter 24 section 3
Luda-Simon Bolivar-December 7-chapter 24 section 5
Perry-Elizabeth Cady Stanton-December 11-chap 24 sec 4

If you do not see your student listed that means that they are presenting in January.  Their date of presentation is undetermined but here are their topics:

Sean-Nicholas II of Russia-chapter 25 section 4
Eleanor-Lenin from Russia-chapter 25 section 4

Richard S.-Menelik II-chapter 26 section 2
Juan-Ci Xi-chapter 26 section 3
Alan-James Monroe-chapter 26 section 4

I hope that all of you find this information helpful.  Please feel free to e-mail me with any concerns that you may have about the schedule or your student.  I am looking forward to a very productive semester with your student's help!
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