mrsc3a Mrs.Clabaugh
Crete Elementary School  
Greetings for the New Year 2001!!!!

It is great to be back and the children are all excited because we started studying penguins.If your child has not shared with you we have a pen pal- third grade class at May Morley school in Lincoln. Each week we write letters and share information with students and their teacher, Mrs.Sell.
We received a wonderful surprise from them after Christmas vacation. Each student in my class received a darling snowman.They should have arrived at your house on Monday after school. We made Christmas decorations for them before Christmas and Santa Clabaugh delivered them to their teacher. Hopefully, this Friday we plan to make a oenguin to deliver to them next week.  We have all beeen really excited about this new adventure.
Also before Christmas, Mr. Munoz, Spanish instructor at Doane college, came down to teach some basic Spanish skills to this class. We did colors and numbers.Maybe, we can convince him to come down again when second semester starts at Doane again.We all loved it!!! The children picked up the words better than the teacher !!!!!!

We are finishing up the first semester text book and plan to test that unit this week. Students should have brought a take-home-reader and vocabulary words. We finished the book with a story about a father and son and how they fight all the time. It is a good story to teach children to work on relationships with their parents and vice-versa.

After a three week vacation spelling the words are back!!!
This week's list is the sound of g/j.  If a "g" is followed by ge, dge, gy the "g "will sound like j. All the words this week use that skill. The words are getting harder, will need to study.


We have started Multipication facts 0-5X's.  The children are working hard because it is something new.  We take daily short time drill to help improve their memorizing skills.  If you have flash cards at home,please help and drill them. Also if you are driving in the car throw them out a number sentence.


We plan to start a penguin story really soon.  I want them to use the penguin information from Social Studies and Science to help them write a fun story. All student have now received the proper instruction on letter formations in cursive.  We will be expecting them to write more in cursive as the year goes now. In computer lab we are working on teaching the proper fingering skills.  If your child sits at the computer encourage them to use both hand and not "hunt and peck".

We are looking at the polar region and studying their differences. This ties in with our penguin unit. Your child should be able to tell you that penguins only live in the southern hemisphere.
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