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Hello Jones Kids!

I am so glad you have come to visit my web page today.
I hope you like the activities!  Have fun and learn a lot.

Please click on a game or quiz.  You will find them
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                             Mrs. Campbell

P.S. My web page shows 7,800 hits.  Is somebody out there using this page or has the computer gone crazy???  If you are using it, Great!!  (Maybe Calvert buddies??)  Please e-mail me and let me know.  I just updated my e-mail address.  :)
My Quia activities and quizzes
Ordinal Numbers to 20
Ordinal Numbers to 20
Odd/Even, Place Value, Fact Family Quiz
Java Game: Odd/even, place value, fact family quiz
Number Words
Java Game: Number Words
Periods and Question Marks
Quiz: Periods and Question Marks
Antonyms - Opposites
Java Game: Antonyms
Mr. Putter and Tabby Fly the Plane
"Mr. Putter and Tabby Fly the Plane"
Addition Match
Place Value
What is the place value?
Odd or Even
Is this number odd or even?
Antonyms - Opposites
Names for Numbers
Names for Numbers
Names for numbers
Can you read this number?
Prefixes un- and re-
What does this word mean when you add un- or re-?
A Big, Big Pig
Rounding to hundreds
Round these numbers to the nearest 100.
Round to the nearest 10
Round these numbers to the nearest 10.
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