mrscaraccio Mrs. C :)
Ringgold Primary School 2nd grade teacher
May 5 and 8 Dinosaur reports/posters/models are due
May 4      spelling,math(4x's) reading tests
May 12     spelling, math (5x's) reading tests
May 18     Spelling, math (6x') reading tests
May 19     Field Day at RPS - 2nd grade
May 24     Science Day
May 26     Last Day of School  :(

Spelling list for the rest of the year:

Dinosaurs, Simple Machines, Friendship

May 1-5
Test on Thursday, May 4  (*****Projects on DINOSAURS due on Friday, May 5 or Monday May 8th))
                    A                B

red yellow  ten     seventy       king lizard
black brown  twenty  eighty Tyrannosaurus Rex
green purple   thirty   ninety        archeologist
white orange forty   one hundred dinosaur
blue colors   fifty   one thousand
pink sixty Math facts 4x's tables.
***Reading story:  Dinosaurs, Dragonflies, & Diamonds

May 8-12  
Test on Friday, May 12
January   February    summer lever
March     April     spring wedge
May     June autumn incline plane
July     August fall screw
September    October winter pulley
November     December      season wheel and axle
****Math facts
     5x's tables
*****Reading story:  Planet of the Grown -Ups*******

May 15-19  (field day on May 19)---send in T-shirt and sharpie (any color)
Test on Thursday, May 18
Alex Amanda Brittany friends
Brooke Courtney Dylan sharing
Erica Fred Grant cooperation
Heather Jeremy Justin trust
Katie Matt Molly memories
Nicholas Paul Shelby Mrs.Caraccio
Tara Teddy Tiffany
Trey H. Trey III Tyler
Zach Robert
  Math Facts --6x's tables

May 22-26  No test!  Review for the last week of school
Remember to bring a Sharpie Fine marker and plain white t-shirt for signing by May 19th

Also some money for Pizza during the party.

I will miss you all
Mrs. C :)
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