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Whittier Christian High School Instructor & Spirit Squads Advisor
Welcome to my new homepage.  This page is put together for my Computer Introduction classes.  I hope you will find it helpful.

For the Week of Nov. 26th- Dec. 2nd

Classroom:  Work on Chap. 9- last day to work on it during class, due By Day 3 this week.  If you didn’t finish today plan on coming in before school or staying after school to complete it.
Homework:  Do the questions from pg IW 170 & 171; due Day 2 this week

Classroom:  Collect homework; correct in class.  Review Word together in class; take on line quiz to review Word concepts
Homework: Review Word terminology

Classroom:  Begin and do Applications on pgs 171-174.  Print and hold on to any printouts.  You will complete tomorrow.
Homework: Review Word terminology

Classroom:  Complete and turn in Applications 1-4; take written quiz on word terminology
Homework:  Review concepts; be ready for hands on test on day one next week.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Office 2000 Word Terminology
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