mrsdsocst Mrs. Shaw
Hannan High School history teacher grades 8,10,11

West Virginia History:
   Monday  chapter 18 test
   Tuesday:  chapter 19 pgs. 397-400
   Wednesday: pages 401-404 
   Thursday:  pages 404-411 
   Friday:  Faculty Senate No school
20th/ 21st Century American History:

Everyone should be working on Chapter 8and completeing it this week.  Quiz on Wed. Chapter 8.  Don't put off doing your social studies project or reading your novels.

World History: 
This class will be finishing up Chapter 4 and taking a quiz on it this week.  Keep working on your chapter notebooks, Try to get your Social Studies project completed early.

Both 10 and 11 grades should be able to find review vocabulary here later this week.

NOTEBOOKS WILL BE DUE:  Monday March 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will be doing group work and graded worksheets.  Look for lesson plans at this site.

Good job on the Golden Horse Shoe test. I will post winners soon I hope!


e-mail me if you have any problems with the class.  The address is at the top of the page.

My Quia activities and quizzes
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Basic Computer terms
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Georgaphy Review terms: session geography review terms
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The Nation Transformed
Chapter 6 Vocabulary 11th Grade
The War for Independence
West Virginia History Ch. 7 questions
Jamaica Tag-Along by Juanita Havill
game for story in the reading book
Royal Power and Conflict
World Hist. Chapter 19
Golden Horseshoe test Review questions
Golden horseshoe review questions
Goldern Horse Shoe Test Review # 2
For All Eigth Graders preparing for the Golden Horse shoe test
Useful links
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