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Welcome to Room K-1's Webpage!

This webpage is intended to help parents and students keep up to date with the events in our classroom.  During the month of November the kindergarteners in K-1 will be learning a great deal.  Below is a preview of what we have planned!

In phonics, we will learning about the letters F (Francy Fish), G (Gordo Gorilla) and H (Honey Horse).

In math we will continue learning about simples patterns
and Left & Right.

This week the students of room K-1 began learning about the shy and gentle creatures that we call bats.  During the next few weeks, the students in our class will be learning about the wonderful and noctural world of bats.  If you child is interested in learning more about bats, please visit a bat link.  Students who are up for a challenge are encouraged to complete one activity from a batquest.

Social Studies
Students will learning about the first travelers on the Mayflower and life in Plymouth.  Our Fall Feast will be on Tuesday, November 21st.

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