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Hello!  Our next adventure in mathematics is going to be 'Prime Time'.  This book explores numbers - prime, composite, factors, products, everything! 
    This week's vocabulary:

   factors - numbers that you multiply together to get a product.  ex. 3 and 2 are factors of 6 (3x2=6)

   composite number - a number with more factors other than one and itself. ex. 6 is a composite number because it has 1 and 6 as factors, but also 2 and 3.

   prime number - a number with only two factors; one and itself.  ex.  5 is a prime number because it only has 1 and itself as factors.

We will be playing the factor game this week. Students also chose a 'special number' to research throughout this unit.  At the end of the unit they will need to create a poster or report to tell all they learned about their number.

    Check back for more info.  later!
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