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WESTON MIDDLE SCHOOL 6th and 7th grade Spanish Teacher
Welcome to your official Spanish class web-page!  Here you'll find links to help you out with translations, study skills and other fun activities!  

What you need for class:  students in both 6th and 7th grade classes will need a dictionary or pocket translator.  You may leave your dictionary in class.  You'll also need a three-ring binder (at least 2 inches), lined paper, a highlighter, pen or pencil and four subject dividers (for the three-ring binder). As the year progresses we'll work on projects and extra material lists will be given at that time.

week of 2/5/01-2/9/01

7th grade 4x/week class: Test on either Thursday (for orange class) or Friday (pink & purple classes)
on Chapter 3!  Start studying now so that you don't have to "cram" the night before :)  

7th grade 2x/week class:  This week we'll learn about subject pronouns and start conjugating regular -ar verbs. . .homework will be given out in class!

6th grade students will be working on the professions this week. . .homework worksheets will be given out during the first class this week!

 -Sra. Gollob
My Quia activities and quizzes
The Basics
Review the basics by first studying the flashcards, and later playing matching or concentration!
6th grade game-Los Deportes
Review for 6th graders on Los Deportes
Useful links
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