mrshartley Mrs. Hartley
Plymouth South High School Grade 9 and 10 English
Check the calendar for nightly homework assignments.
My Quia activities and quizzes
BENE-BON-good, well
Activities to enrich vocabulary
Min-small, less
Activities to enrich vocabulary
PORT- to carry, entrance
"Port" vocabulary enrichment activities
GENS- a people, a kind
"gens" vocabulary enrichment activities
-VID-,-VIS- to see, to look
"vid" or "vis" vocabulary enrichment activities
SCRIB-SCRIPT- to write
"scrib" or "script" vocabulary enrichment activities
-Nom-Nym- name
Have fun with MITT, MISS Words!
-MITT-,-MISS- to send
Have fun with -CHRON-TEMP-words
Have fun with-Geo-Terr- root words!
Toss around some new vocabulary words.
-JECT-- to throw
Curtain call for drama terms
Drama Terminology
body building vocabulary :-)
-CARN-, -CORP- body
I Have A Dream
Martin Luther King's Speech
Step into some "Ped","Pod" vocabulary words
- PED -, - POD- FOOT
Hand off some "manu" words
-Manu- hand
Arch words rule!
Arch -- first, leader
Who's first?
Primo, Proto -- First
Dazzle the with brilliance using figurative language
Figurative Language
Make your mama proud using these mater pater words
Mater, Pater -- mother, father root words
Mythology: Prometheus and Theseus and the Minotaur
Prometheus/Theseus and the Minotaur vocabulary
An assortment of roots to memorize
Roots to know
After you cut through the chase, get to the END!
For a great beginning, memorize these prefixes.
SPEC, SPIC to look
-Spec-,-Spic- to look
Narcissus and Lazy Peter reading unit
Here are some unique ones!
VOC - to call, to speak, voice
Speak up for some "VOC" words!
Poetic Devices
How poets draw pictures with words
The Necklace
Vocabulary unit taken from "The Necklace"
A Christmas Carol
vocabulary taken from dramatization of A Christmas Carol
Detailed definitions for SOPHIMA acronym
"Coming of Immortals" and "Zeus and his Family"
Vocabulary from "Coming of Immortals" and "Zeus and his Family"
Epithets and Greek Gods
Match the Gods to their Epithets
Unit Three -- Seize the Vocabulary
Latin and Greek Roots Unit Three
Unit One -- Let's Get To Work
Latin and Greek Roots Unit One
Unit Two -- Put it in Place
Latin and Greek Roots Unit Two
Unit Four--Let's conquer these words.
Latin and Greek Roots Unit Four
Unit Five Let's toss around some new terms.
Latin and Greek Roots Unit Five
Unit Six -- Let's keep adding new roots
Latin and Greek Roots Unit Six
Unit Seven -- Let's write this list.
Latin and Greek Roots Unit Seven
Unit Eight - Let's go discover some new roots.
Latin and Greek Roots Unit Eight
Unit Nine Latin and Greek Roots
Latin and Greek Roots Unit Nine
Unit Ten -- I believe you'll enjoy learning these words.
Latin and Greek Roots Unit Ten
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