mrsjones Mrs. Jones
Susquehanna Township High School Business and Computer Teacher
Computer Lab Rules

While working in the lab, you are expected to behave in a mature and businesslike fashion and to comply with the following rules:

1.  NO gum, food, or beverages.

2.  NO running, shoving, or other inappropriate behavior.

3.  Do NOT move any of the computer equipment or desks in the classroom.

4.  Do NOT--under any circumstances--touch another student’s computer keyboard or screen.

5.  You are responsible for completing and turning in your own computer assignments.  Students who COPY FILES to give to another student and those who GIVE COPIES of their files
to another student will both receive a ZERO.

6.  Hacking will NOT be tolerated.  Any student who accesses another student’s file or who attempts to access system files will be permanently removed from the class and will NOT receive credit for the course.

7.  Students who vandalize the computers in any way will be removed and fail the course.

8.  NO disks are to be brought in to the lab without prior teacher approval.  Any student who uses an unauthorized disk in the lab will lose all lab privileges for the remainder of the year.

9.  Use of the Internet during school hours is for educational purposes only.  No email, no chatrooms, and no purchasing items are permitted.
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