mrskane Mrs. Kane
A. Ward Spaulding School  

Homework Schedule:

Spelling:  We continue working with our Ocean words.  This week, the Friday test will be on the location as well as the spelling of the oceans. 
Due Thursday:  A packet of map activities will be due.
Friday:  Test!

Alternate Spelling:
Mrs. R will pre-test/homework is to do one
page per night.  Test is Friday!

Geography is due Thursday!
Remember:  Complete sentences; cursive and spelling count!
Everyone should still be reading 30 minutes a day
at home.  You can read the book of your choice,
once you are done with your lit. circle book.

A special thanks to our two chaperones last week!  (We cannot use real names, so I'll just have to say thanks - you know who you are!)

Please remember that the Puberty permission slips should be in ASAP.  The movie will be shown to parents only on Tuesday, May 9, directly after school in the cafe.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Geography Jeopardy!
A geography game to test your skills!
Hangman Game
Practice spelling your ocean words!
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