mrskinder Mrs. K.
Stewartstown Elementary School
December 2001
We have come a long way this year!  I appologize for not keeping up with this site. There have been some tech. changes in the district and it couldn't be accessed for a while.
We are just moving right along!  By Christmas, we should know numbers to 12, sounds and letters, A,B,F,M,N,P,R,S and T. The letters and sounds should be coming more easily to your child, kind of a natural progression. If your child is learning the letters, showing an interest in learning, rhyming words and the sounds aren't quite coming, don't distress! Every child learns at a different pace, even siblings.  They learned to walk and talk at different ages and will learn what they need to know when their brains are ready to accept and make sense of those squiggles we call letters.  The social and emotional growth is VERY important in kindergarten. Your child may know the letters, but not grasp what he/she is supposed to do with them.  This comes with maturity and I have never met an educator that can teach THAT! Mother Nature takes care of that area. You can help by giving your child choices to make, letting your child be more independent and do many things by him/herself. Make sure your child speaks in full sentences and answers questions when asked. Can your child follow a three part direction such as "Get your bookbag, get out your homework and papers, give me the papers."without getting distracted and being reminded.
After your child finishes his/her homework, does he/she ask what to do now, or does he/she know to put it in his/her bookbag so it is ready for school the next day? These problem-solving skills about life in general are very important.  If your child needs directions about everyday activities, teaching them to think for themselves is a good skill for them to learn.
I will be assessing for report cards in January.
Happy Holidays!
Mrs. K
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