St. Laurence Catholic School teacher
Hi There 3C!                     May 16, 2001

I am back in Pennsylvania now.  I had a great weekend in Houston visiting everyone--especially all of you!  It was so fun to back in our classroom together--you all look so great--pretty much the same, but a little taller!  I liked hearing about all the new and exciting things you are doing. 

Thank you for the letters--I really enjoyed reading all of them.  I heard you had your turn with all school mass and it was very nice.  I wish I would've been there, I know you all would've made me very proud. 
Do you still have the pictures we took?  I have been showing mine off to all my friends and family back here.  I am so glad I have those to look at.  

I am finished working at the Senators office one week from today.  I think I told you, I am going back to get my teachers certification this summer.  I have to take one class and then do student teaching.  I found out I will be doing that with 1st grade.  I'll have to write to you to get ideas from you on what a 1st grader would enjoy--do you think you can remember back to 1st grade?  So, I am looking forward to getting that done so I can bet back into the classroom. 

Mr. Lewis and I are going to Sun Valley Idaho next weekend for a wedding.  I've never been to Idaho, have you?  Do you know what food they are known for?  Write back and let me know if you do.  Other than that, we have a few other weddings but they are in our area, and we will probably go to the beach in July.  I love the beach! 

Well, please make sure you all keep in touch with me.  If you want to send me your address I will be happy to send letters to your house this summer.  If you all have the internet at home, make sure you keep checking my page--I'll continue to update it if you want to keep reading it :-)

Have a fun last couple weeks of being in 3rd grade!  Can you believe you are almost 4th graders!  Wow!

It was so fun seeing all of you!

e-mail me and keep in touch.
here's the address to our new house.

Mrs. Lewis
135 Greenview Drive
Indiana PA  15701

Take Care,
Love, Mrs. Lewis
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