mrsmarshall Mrs. Marshall and Mrs. Kitchin
Davis Drive Elementary CCR Teacher & Assistant
    We have a new caterpiller and larva brought in by Mrs. Marshall.
                 Reading every night
   Group 1  
   Group 2 
   Group 3

* any work not completed in class. If there is any math homework it will be written on point sheets.

   Group 1
   Group 2 worksheet
   Group 3 worksheet


   Group 1 Read Chpt 13 Mr. Popper's Penguin
   Group 2 Read Chpt1-4 
   Group 3 Read My Sloppy Tiger goes to School


   Group 1 Read Chpt 14
   Group 2 Read Chpt 5-8
   Group 3 Read The Pelican
You will only have homework if you did not complete class work.
Have a good weekend!
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               Mrs. Marshall and Mrs. Kitchin
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